Digital Court Reporting Training | Benefits for Courts

With the emergence of digital recording technology comes the debate around the efficacy of recorders for legal purposes. Here we will go over the basics around the benefits of digital recording.


At the center of arguments for replacing human court reporters with technology is simple: technology is more efficient and more cost effective. With courts being overloaded with cases and underfunded, moving toward audio and video recordings provide them a way to reduce expenses by eliminating the salaries paid to court reporters. A court that adopts digital technology could save up to $40,000 annually and could potentially have a faster turnaround with transcripts. Digital technology also removes the need to have a bidding war with another court over the services of a court reporter in this shrinking market.


Many feel that keeping human court reporters in place is because of idealistic reasons rather than practical ones. Adopting technology may save a court money, but the costs for recording and transcribing the recordings don’t disappear. The costs are merely allocated in different ways than a paycheck. Some argue that a move to digital technology will shift the cost from the courts to the attorneys which will ultimately land on the shoulders of the clients.

Digital Court Reporting

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