how do i become a digital court reporter?

Digital Court Reporter | Challenges

Becoming a court reporter is a path filled with challenges and educational requirements. Here are some of the basic thing you can expect when you become a reporter.

Required Skills

The first step in becoming a stenographer can also begin as early as primary school. A strong command of the English language is mandatory. Excellent spelling and grammar skills are the basis of a stenography skill set. A stenographer is also responsible for being fastidious through the duration of their job, so an excellent level of concentration, as well as being able to sit still for long periods of time are also rudimentary skills a potential stenographer can hone. As a preliminary exercise, take all the typing classes available to gain speed, accuracy, and dexterity on a traditional keyboard.


During their schooling, the potential stenographer will learn a variety of vocabulary for the fields they might be reporting for. Legal and medical terminology, as well as commonly encountered business jargon, ll be reviewed and tested. After completing the schooling, the new stenographer must also determine their field. Fields vary from government to close captioning for television. Each position has their own requirements for speed, accuracy, pay, transcription services, etc. The stenographer in many cases is considered a freelance employee, find your niche and market your skills as such.

Digital Court Reporter

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