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Digital court reporting and captioning are fields that consistently show growth in the job market. Here are some points on what growth is expected.

Industry Growth

Along with the shortage of employees in the field, court reporting is also experiencing growth. The rate of growth varies depending on the specific field. Court reporters who work with states and local courts will experience less growth in their field than those who go on to caption broadcasting. There are many federal regulations that will affect job growth and the most growth will be seen in careers outside of the courtroom. However, the fact remains that there will continue to be a high need for court reporters in the judicial system, even with slower growth.

Future Prospects

There are several factors that will determine the future prospects for the job. Federal regulations and state budgets are just two influences that will have an effect on court reporting jobs. The aging population of the country will create a higher demand for court reporters in a variety of contexts, such as at doctor’s appointments, religious services, and government meetings. It will also bring about an increased need for closed captioning capabilities. The FCC has recently enacted regulations relating to closed captioning for programs that will lead to more employment in the field. Budget constraints may slow the growth long term in government-funded positions. Despite some constrictions, the industry as a whole is projected to grow fairly fast, as will salaries. The NRCA estimates that by 2020, court reporters will experience a salary growth of 14%.

Court Reporting Training Program

Digital Court Reporting requires a specific skill set that can help you specialize in your career. Allegiant Digital Reporting Program is here to provide you with the necessary training to succeed.

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