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One of the best skills a court reporter can possess is the ability to make fewer mistakes and report clearly. Here are some tips to make your depositions better.




Court reporters work phonetically to record a deposition. Sometimes the first draft is not going to have ‘traditionally correct’ spelling. If you are working with a court reporter, you may want to give them a list of phrases or words that they might be coming across. That way, they can avoid spelling them incorrectly and get them down. Some court reporters may verify strangely spelled words, but it’s a good idea to give them a list beforehand so they know. Ask for clarification as a reporter and as a legal side, advise your clients and any witnesses to speak clearly to avoid delays.


Speaking Clearly


Court reporters are able to type words at an incredible rate, even reaching speeds of 200 words a minute. But when things are going quickly in the deposition or courtroom, it can be tough to figure out what people are saying or keep pace. Creating accurate records means that you do your best to enunciate and not speak over others so that there is flow and what is transcribed is accurate. Speak clearly at all times so that the records are as clear as possible and the recorder does not have to stop things to clarify, ideally.


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