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Court reporting is a very lucrative industry that provides many opportunities for those looking to change their career.


Because of the court reporter shortage, there is greater demand for court reporters both in the legal field and in business, education, professional sports, television, and politics. This is due in part to the increase in the use of video; it has created a need for captions. In addition, accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing at all levels of education has made real-time reporting and captioning a growing field where experience pays. With higher demand and a limited supply of Florida court reporters, comes higher income. And you don’t need to be experienced to earn more than your peers with the same education.


One of the best benefits of court reporting is not only is the earning potential higher than for many other professionals, including those that require a four-year degree, but there is the flexibility of schedule. This is great for those transitioning to a second career before retirement, young couples looking to travel or otherwise spend their time without being stuck in an office working 9 to 5, or parents looking to work from home while earning an income. The biggest problem faced in the court reporting industry is that no one ones about these benefits! Often people, including career counselors, don’t know that this is a thriving industry with growing opportunities.

Court Reporter School

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